Looking ahead, Corn asked Inglis about the GOP’s future, specifically former half-term Gov. Sarah Palin (R): “Inglis pauses for a moment: ‘I think that there are people who seem to think that ignorance is strength.’ And he says of her: ‘If I choose to remain ignorant and uninformed and encourage people to follow me while I celebrate my lack of information,’ that’s not responsible.”


“I guess what annoys me most about Scott Brown is that I feel as though I know people just like him — in the neighborhood, in the family, etc. These are the kind of folks who seem interested in public affairs, and feel like they’re supposed to have opinions on important developments, but never quite get around to paying attention to the news or learning anything substantive about the subjects they claim to care about.” Steve Benen

Is that she is just so uninformed and has absolutely no desire to be informed. Looking back on the election one thing sticks out in my mind when she was asked what magazines or newspapers she read and she could not name one. There are a plethora of magazines, websites, and news channels to get information from. I myself could name 10 sources, easily, from where I get my news. She can’t name just one?

And Friday she quit. Which is just ridiculous. Nobody likes a quitter. And she quit because she couldn’t handle it anymore. Strip away all the excuses and the basic fact is she couldn’t handle the scrutiny of a political life. And let’s face it, scrutiny is part of American political life and you should be prepared for it going in. I like reporters asking pointed questions to my elected officials both Democrat and Republican. Helps to keep them honest.

I’m curious to see what she is going to do now. I tend to think she will capitalize on herself and her draw, campaigning for gop candidates, or maybe getting a tv or radio show ala’ Huckabee, a presidential run? Maybe she will just return back to a quiet life in Alaska, but I doubt it.

Indeed. I’ve been following the talk about the latest bailout plan in blogland. One of the more interesting theories (proposed by Krugman actually) is that it’s not enough, they know it’s not enough, and it will segue into nationalisation as there will be no other choice. But in the meantime while all this is happening people will still be losing jobs. Sounds pretty cynical but he does have a Nobel prize. Sigh.

I don’t think I’m smart enough to have a solid opinion no matter how many supposed expert opinions I read, however I have come away with a few things.

1. This plan is the same plan Paulson was proposing last year, with different lipstick and a pretty new dress.

2. The fact that some Wall Street execs are giving themselves millions of dollars in bonuses and buying new jets while raking in the taxpayer money through the TARP program is just plain wrong. So wrong that even my flexible morals can’t bend around the idea.

3. My stock portfolio is slowly rising minutely, after going off a cliff for what seemed like forever.

“The plan keeps coming up again
The plan means nothing stays the same
But the plan won’t accomplish anything
If it’s not implemented”

I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Honestly, I feel like a kid the night before Christmas. Obama is going to win and win big, with decent majorities in both houses of congress. I feel like the sun is coming out after 8 years of rain. Conservatives… suck on it.

Could our president be more of an idiot?