Indeed. I’ve been following the talk about the latest bailout plan in blogland. One of the more interesting theories (proposed by Krugman actually) is that it’s not enough, they know it’s not enough, and it will segue into nationalisation as there will be no other choice. But in the meantime while all this is happening people will still be losing jobs. Sounds pretty cynical but he does have a Nobel prize. Sigh.

I don’t think I’m smart enough to have a solid opinion no matter how many supposed expert opinions I read, however I have come away with a few things.

1. This plan is the same plan Paulson was proposing last year, with different lipstick and a pretty new dress.

2. The fact that some Wall Street execs are giving themselves millions of dollars in bonuses and buying new jets while raking in the taxpayer money through the TARP program is just plain wrong. So wrong that even my flexible morals can’t bend around the idea.

3. My stock portfolio is slowly rising minutely, after going off a cliff for what seemed like forever.

“The plan keeps coming up again
The plan means nothing stays the same
But the plan won’t accomplish anything
If it’s not implemented”

I’ve got my fingers crossed.