January 2010

I know I did this one already but as I was walking out of the dentist’s office to my car i couldn’t help but think “Damn I love my car.”

My 46″ LCD. My ps3 looks so good on this baby.

New York Strip and bacon. MMMM!

Ok this last post makes me completely caught up. My friend Manda didn’t believe I would do it but HA! I totally did… so there! Yes, I am 37 and still read comic books, but only occasionally. When I was younger I used to collect them and had many. Then I sold them when I got older but the interest in them has never completely died away and I still pick some up every once in a while. What can I say I’m a kid at heart.

Scott Pilgrim. Awesome manga book. Very funny. If you aren’t reading it you should be. And if you aren’t into that sorta thing well…too bad, you’re missing out.

The Millenium Falcon. Quite possibly the coolest spaceship EVER. Am old girlfriend bought me this for my birthday one year a while back and It’s one of my favorite things.

I love Legos. Even to this day I still buy them every once in a while. When I was a kid I had a big box full of them and I used to spend hours building things with them. Mostly spaceships. I love Star Wars too, but that’s not what this post is about.

This is my electronic cat litter box. It automatically sifts the litter so I don’t have to every day. It’s a rather extravagant convenience but I am lazy. It also saves me money on cat litter.

Chicken souvlaki skewers on my grill….mmmmm good.

Yeah, I’m behind. I’ll catch up soon.

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