February 2010

I try to catch up but I’m still behind. I’m never gonna get so far behind again I swear!

Metropolitan Market. It’s an upscale grocery store up the street from my house. It’s pretty awesome and kinda expensive. I pretty much only buy fresh veggies, meat and seafood here because it’s so good. I go across the street to Safeway for the mundane shit.

Oh yeah…. My Fender Jazz Deluxe bass guitar. A very sweet sounding and easy to play instrument. I need to dust this thing off and start playing again.

This is a print I have hanging in my living room. For some reason it just really caught my eye and I had to have it.

This is a picture of a picture of my family I have in my cube at work. I love my family although sometimes they drive me nuts.

Jones Soda candy. I’m a big fan of hard candy. Especially this candy as of late.

The Dew baby. How can you not love the Dew? You’re a communist if you don’t.

This is my Iwata Eclipse airbrush. It’s what I use to paint my RC car bodies with.

This is my Vic Firth pepper grinder. It’s pretty awesome for a pepper grinder… seriously! Stop laughing at me!

The most recent addition to my direct family. My little nephew Evan. He is so precious. I would do anything for this little guy. He calls me Biwwy. It’s so cute.

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